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5 Easy Ways to Digitalize Your Business During the Lockdown
While people are confined to their homes, they’re spending more time online. Even with stay-at-home restrictions easing up, people are likely to increase their online activity even more.
Without face-to-face contact, your digital presence carries more weight than ever before. It can literally make or break you. By pumping up your website and fine tuning your online brand now, you can hit the ground running when the country fully reopens. Here are five easy tips to maximize your online marketing during COVID 19 and gain greater brand exposure:

1. Become More Visible

List all your business locations in Google My Business. Google is the top digital citation service. If you don’t have keywords for your company, visit Wordstream for a free keyword tool. Ensure that your meta data and on-page content are consistent with your keywords and conversion objectives. Visit Imageworks Creative for advertising inspiration and to learn more about optimizing your keywords for search engines.

2. Assess Your Homepage

When visitors arrive at your website, they want to get information about your company quickly and easily. They want to know who you are, what you do and why they need you. The other pages simply provide more detail and supporting information. If you aren’t already doing it, use Google Analytics and heat mapping to determine where visitors are clicking and why. You can then use that data to optimize your website.

3. Determine Your Conversion Goals

You’ll be a step ahead of many companies if you set goals like contact forms, purchases, downloads, signups, page visits, time spent on your site and social follows. You can also track anything else that you want to know about your audience or that you think is significant on your site. Given these measures, you can set conversion rates and establish ROI for your advertising campaigns. You can track the percentage of visitors who show an interest in various goals while updating those goals accordingly.

4. Increase Your Marketing Efforts

Many companies currently have their advertising dollars on hold. Meanwhile, there are more people online to see ads. More than 80 percent of the viewable first-page results in any Google search are keyword-related Google Ads. You can reach more people now at a significantly discounted rate. Find out how to increase online marketing during COVID 19 right here.

5. Don’t Neglect Remarketing

Remarketing may be the most effective marketing tool ever. With it, visitors to your site will see your ads all across the Google content network on newspapers, YouTube, commerce sites and additional domains that partner with Google Services. Most of the top 5,000 websites are in the Google network. That kind of exposure can’t be beat.

With increasing numbers of people surfing the net, your online marketing during COVID 19 has the power to reach more customers than ever. Data about visitor behavior has never been more plentiful and accessible, and it can help you to create targeted digital advertising campaigns in a currently underutilized market. Even a few small changes can have a powerful impact on your bottom line.

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