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Just three? Yes. We are not talking about the products you sell or even your industry. Instead, we are looking at the kind of company you run and why you matter to your customers. If you understand what variety of company you run, you will be better positioned to market your products and services with a clearly defined brand. Here we look at the three types of companies and the qualities that define them.

  1. Customer-Oriented

companies mother

Customer-oriented companies feel their success is based on the experience they create. Sometimes these are called “mother” companies. They value retention, satisfaction, and loyalty, which means the customer’s needs are the main motivator. You are so focused on customer’s needs; you have a training program to help staff understand how to meet those needs. You foster customer relationships based on all aspects of your company from the culture your employees live to providing the exact product and services that meet your customers’ specific needs.

If this sounds like you, your marketing should be completely transparent with a focus on honest communication even if you have bad news. Be clear about your values and promote your company culture to show you are committed to those values. Create a sense of community on social pages and provide social proof using the wisdom of the crowd to tell your story.  

  1. Product-Oriented Companies

companies mechanic

Product-oriented companies are sometimes called “mechanics.” Mechanics focus on their product. It has to be the best, or the newest or the most unique. More than likely technology holds an important role in the mechanics and how they resolve issues for their customers. Mechanics are undoubtedly experts, thought leaders and influencers who lead the market through innovation but also depend deeply on performance. Money doesn’t go to researching what their customer wants, but instead on product development and improvements.

For the mechanics, marketing takes a more direct route, touting the capabilities of your products or services. The proof is in the pudding, with reviews from satisfied customers front and center. You impart knowledge about how your products resolve issues, with proof your competitors can never get the same results as you.

  1. Concept-Oriented Companies

companies missionary

These are the groundbreaking, life-altering innovators who have bold ideas and creative vision that can actually alter the way consumers behave. Sometimes they’re called “missionaries.” They are market disruptors who want to change the status quo and get people to see the world in the way they want them to see it. Although it might seem missionaries and mechanics are the same, there is a very big difference between the two. While mechanics focus on new features and incremental change, missionaries desire massive change to society as a whole. They provide new ways to see and do things based on human behavior in general, not a single aspect of life.

Missionaries think big and take the lead in marketing. They develop campaigns that evoke unexpected thoughts and challenge standards and norms. Their brand strategy includes looking for the things consumers share in common in order to leverage that bias and change it to suit their needs. Subtle wording and generating emotions also work to trigger a response that disrupts common perceptions.

When you identify with your company type, you can free yourself of preconceptions about your marketing strategy. You’ll identify with your brand on a more intimate level allowing you to hit your target with resounding success.

Brand Strategy from Rebel Unicorn

A digital agency can help you unveil your company type to improve your brand strategy. The Rebel Unicorn has a team of digital marketing experts, who can provide you with an effective strategy aligned with your brand variety.  

You’ll be well on your way to getting that new brand strategy you need. Once implemented you’ll start to see how the right strategy can help grow your business.

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