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Consumers choose to give their money to brands that they trust; it’s that simple. This is especially true when it comes to business-to-business transactions. Convincing others to trust your brand, however, is not easy. You can send emails and put up advertisements, but this only goes so far.

Fortunately, there are time-honored methods of making your brand trustworthy in the eyes of the public. They may take extra money and effort, but they pay off in the long run.

Suspicious minds

Fifty years ago, companies could put phrases such as “nine out of ten doctors recommend our brand” in their advertising and then sit back and watch sales go up. Those days are long gone, however, because consumers today, who have grown up bombarded by advertisements, are more skeptical.

The digital revolution has made them even more suspicious because it’s well known that anyone can put pretty much anything online. In such a skeptical era, it might seem like there are no effective ways to build trust. There are however, and they are not as complicated as you might imagine.

The all-important customer experience

Of course your products and services have to be acceptable to consumers, but that’s just part of the equation. From the moment a potential customer reaches out to you, it’s critical to make their experience a good one. Make sure that your website is easy to use and that your employees are helpful and friendly. Customer service never ends; it’s ongoing, and it’s always important. Put simply, if you ignore your customers, they will go away.

Trust and marketing

There is still marketing that is effective, but it has to be the right kind of marketing. Transparency is crucial. When you are in a crisis situation where people are pointing out a mistake your brand has made, don’t try to cover things up or hope that the problem will blow over. If the accusations are baseless, show how they are baseless. If they are true, admit it and show exactly what you are doing to fix the problems.

Social media makes it easy for consumers to share a bad experience with a brand. It also makes it easy for brands to share how a bad consumer experience was a misunderstanding, or, if it wasn’t, what’s being done to make things right.

The right content marketing plan

When it comes to developing a good content marketing plan, there is no cutting corners. Because we are in the Information Age, your content has to be really good to stand out and build trust, and everything you put out online and elsewhere matters. Take the time to publish content that is well-researched and high-quality. If you do this consistently, it will get your brand noticed in the right way.

It can help to personalize your content marketing plan so that consumers see that you are human and can relate to you. This gives the public a chance to see your values.

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