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There are multiple options for digital advertising, but only one with the reach of almost 250 million users. Google Ads is an online marketing provider geared toward pay-per-click advertisements.

Google Ads stretches onto a variety of other platforms. YouTube, with 1.8 billion monthly users, is a prime example of how Google Ads can expand your audience exponentially.

Let’s look more closely at how Google Ads could work for your company.

Are Google Ads Effective?

No type of ad is successful 100% of the time, but by using Google’s advertising best-practices, Google Ads can be highly effective. Pay-per-click ads work by encouraging consumers to visit your website. For every click of your link, you pay for Google’s advertising services. Google has reported a 2:1 ratio for revenue, with advertisers making $2 for every $1 they spend.

So, why choose Google as your PPC source? As of 2019, 84.38% of all search traffic in the United States began with Google, according to Statista. For businesses marketing in North America, that is huge.

How to Create a Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads works through keywords. These words and phrases are bid on by marketers, and winning bids rank highest.

There are many factors involved in the success or failure of an ad, such as:

Well-researched targets

how to create a Google Ads campaign 1

Your ads should be designed with your demographic in mind. If they come across too broadly, you might miss your target. Remember, trying to target everyone you end up targeting no one. Find a happy medium. A good PPC strategy will include a mix of high-volume keywords and long tail keywords, which will discuss more below.

Google rank

How to Create a Google Ads Campaign

It only makes sense that your rank with Google would affect marketing through this platform. A poor “quality score” could impact the visibility of ads.

Keyword relevancy

How to Create a Google Ads Campaign

Long tail keywords have become a great tool for those marketing to a specific niche. Long tail keywords are longer and very specific and tend to have low search volume. But the few people who do search for them are far more likely to convert than someone searching for a general keyword. Learn more about how to find long tail keywords.

Landing page content

how to create a Google Ads campaign

Keywords only get you so far. Consumers will ultimately rely on the information you share. Low-quality landing page content could turn off a potential buyer no matter how refined your Google Ads campaign is.

Campaign type

how to create a Google Ads campaign

When you create your ad, you choose the campaign type. Marketers choose from display, search, or video ads.

Bidding with Google

How to Create a Google Ads Campaign


Now you know all the basic information about how to create a Google Ads campaign. Now we will discuss bidding. As mentioned above, to score the best ad placement, advertisers bid. There are two ways to go about this, manually or automatically.


  • Automated


Automated bidding hands the reins to Google, giving the system access to bid for you based on competition.


  • Manual


Manual bidding requires you to set these parameters yourself. It gives you the option of hanging back or charging forward to manage your ads.  

Step-by-Step Instructions

how to create a Google Ads campaign

Once you’ve decided to wade into Google Ads, the setup is fairly straightforward. From the Google Ads page, select “start now.” Follow the instructions as they appear, customizing the ad to your specifications. Once the ad is created, you’ll be asked to customize by:

  • Adding Urchin Tracking Module codes
  • Enabling conversion tracking
  • Syncing ads with customer relationship management software
  • Requesting analytics

Take Advertising to the Next Level

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