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If you’re wondering how to find long tail keywords, you’re in the right place. But first we must define our terms.

A keyword is a word used by searchers to find information. A long tail keyword is a combination of three or more words to create a keyword phrase. The difference between these two search methods is precision. For example, to learn about pizza you might type, “pizza” into Google. Whereas, to find pizza in your location you would need a phrase like, “best pizza in Manhattan.”

Long tail keywords aren’t just precise for searchers, but they also narrow the audience for marketers. One word is too broad to zero in on your target demographic. You run the risk of having your content lost in the mass of results returned by a single high-volume search term.

Long tail keywords aren’t suitable for every situation. For one thing, it’s difficult to measure their value because they are so specific and searched so infrequently. But when used in conjunction with high-volume search terms, which are the steak and potatoes of SEO, long tail keywords are a ticket to SEO success.

Throughout this article, you’ll discover how to find long tail keywords and when to use them.

Approaches to Long Tail Keywords

There are two main ways to think about long tail keywords. They are:

  • Quality Over Quantity

how to find long tail keywords

The thing to remember about long tail keywords is that they’re searched for less frequently. Long tail search is engineered to be specific, which means you get fewer hits per content piece. So, why bother, you might ask?

Getting 50 views on a blog optimized for a high-volume search term is great, but if those views result in zero conversions, did your keywords do their job?

A Tasty Example

how to find long tail keywords

Long tail keywords have a higher rate of success in terms of conversion because they leave no room for interpretation. Let’s say your company sells gluten-free flour. You can write a blog optimized for the term “gluten-free flour” and it’s likely to be buried by all the other companies writing for the same keyword. Plus, someone searching for gluten-free flour may just be trying to learn about gluten-free flour and not trying to purchase it.

By contrast, a hyper specific, low competition long tail keyword like “how to make gluten-free pizza at home” is likely to result in a conversion because the person searching actually needs the product.

  • Both Quality and Quantity

how to find long tail keywords

The other tactic used by marketers for long tail search includes quantity but still focuses on overall quality. Mass produced content containing several varying strands of keyword phrases is less specific but still successful.

If you’re not sure which words to combine, using multiple long tail phrases is useful. This tactic still attracts searchers focused on a specific word set, but covers more bases because you’re writing for more of them.

From the example above, you might write blogs for the phrases:

  • “How to make homemade gluten-free pizza”
  • “How to make pizza with gluten-free flour”
  • “Can you make gluten-free pizza?”

Benefiting from Long Tail Keywords

Now that you know how to find long tail keywords, let’s discuss a few ways to support your long tail keyword success. This includes:

Internal Links

how to find long tail keywords

Linking internally is almost better than external links. It keeps consumers inside your website and increases the hit count on your keywords.

High-Quality Content

how to find long tail keywords

Whether keywords are long or short, content should be relevant and well-written. It doesn’t matter how well you draw your readers to your site if they don’t convert once they get there.

Invest in Paid Ads

how to find long tail keywords

Pay-per-click is a good way to access metrics on long tail keywords. They don’t always pay off, so you should be cautious, but the information they provide is invaluable.

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