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There are probably a million reasons people abandon their shopping carts: A phone call, a kitchen fire, a fight with their girlfriend, a pet emergency… it’s endless. Regardless of why someone abandons their shopping cart, your goal should be to get them back to make that purchase. How do you do that? Retargeting with Facebook Pixel.

Retargeting with Facebook Pixel 101

Retargeting with Facebook Pixel is kind of like legal stalking of someone who visits and leaves your website. Once they land on any page on your site, you retarget them by showing them engaging ads that tempt them back to your site.

Facebook allows you to retarget abandoners using Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel is added to your website so you can track visitors based on actions on your site.

How to Create a Pixel

Retargeting with Facebook Pixel to Stop Cart Abandonment

If you’re wondering how to install Facebook Pixel, you can create a Pixel under the Ads Manager or Power Editor in Facebook. You basically generate the code and then copy and paste it into your site. If you don’t know-how, your developer can do it for you. Once done you’ll be able to track activity from clicks to pageviews.

Using a Facebook Pixel 

Your Facebook Pixel allows you to do the following:

Track Events: The pixel will track standard and custom events, using pageviews as its default.

Add-to-Cart Page Visits: This tracks visits to your add-to-cart page. You’ll have to add the following to your pixel script:


fbq(‘track’, ‘AddToCart’);


Add-to-Cart Button Clicks: You can track visitors who click on the add-to-cart button. This gets a little more complicated to include in your tracking, so you’ll have to work with your developer to create an event listener for the button.

Purchase/Thank-You Page Visits: You don’t want to bother people who completed an order, so you can track them from your purchase/thank-you page and make sure they are excluded from retargeting. To do so add this to your pixel script:


fbq(‘track’, ‘Purchase’, {value: ‘0.00’, currency:’EUR’});


Creating a Custom Audience

Retargeting with Facebook Pixel to Stop Cart Abandonment

You can create a Custom Audience using your Facebook Pixel data, so you reach the people who have abandoned their carts (or whoever you like). Your Pixel will add the audience based on your specifications allowing you to focus your retargeting campaign.

Target Your Ads 

Retargeting with Facebook Pixel to Stop Cart Abandonment

With the right audience in place, you can create personalized ads to get them back to their carts. Some common incentives might be a discount offer for their next purchase or a notice that inventory is low. However, you can get even more inventive. For example, if you sell certain sauces, honeys or spices, have a recipe to click on. If you sell hair care products entice them with a hair tip.

Track Results

Retargeting with Facebook Pixel to Stop Cart Abandonment

You won’t know what type of ad to run if you don’t track your campaigns and see what is working. You can try new headings, new offers, new colors, and new ad designs and see what hits the mark the most often. You can stop using ads that don’t work and focus on the ones with the best responses.

Facebook Pixel offers a powerful tool to bring back customers and encourage conversions. With a little diligence, you can improve your retargeting strategy to get the results you want.

Call Rebel Unicorn for Retargeting Strategy

The Rebel Unicorn has a team of digital marketing experts, who can provide you with an effective retargeting strategy to overcome cart abandonment.  

You’ll know your target thanks to Facebook Pixel, allowing you to create an effective retargeting campaign to improve conversions. Once implemented you’ll start to see how the right strategy can help grow your business.

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