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A content management system facilitates the organization of website content. It’s the interface, the system that powers most major websites today.

At The Rebel Unicorn, we develop and implement content management systems that allow our clients to intuitively and seamlessly control their digital assets and shape their brands for maximum profitability.

Our CMS development services include:

  • Customized packages and pricing tailored to your company’s requirements and budget
  • Content management system development for online sales and for displaying digital assets such as text articles
  • Access to a team of experts including coders, content creators, and search engine optimization experts

The most popular content management systems in the world are open-source software. Platforms such as WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal are popular for managing website content, and Magento is a popular CMS for eCommerce.

At The Rebel Unicorn, we support open-source content management systems because they are stable and mature platforms with thousands of active developers. Implementing an open-source content management system is also very cost effective for a small business. If you use an open-source CMS, you can spend your content management system development budget on customizing the CMS to your specifications rather than spending it on the CMS itself.

Already Have A CMS?

If your business already has a website running on a content management system, but it doesn’t have the features you require, we can identify or build the ideal CMS for your needs and migrate your website’s content. Some of the limitations that drive businesses to change their CMS platforms include:

  • Inability to add custom features or change the website’s design
  • Ongoing costs are too high
  • Website performance is poor
  • Inability to operate on a self-hosted server

Our services don’t end with content management system development. Once we’ve implemented your business’ new CMS, it’s time to optimize it for search engines and drive profitable traffic to your business.

We’ll leverage the strengths of your CMS to optimize your content for search engines and help your pages receive the highest possible rankings. We’ll also optimize your sales funnel to ensure that as many of your visitors as possible become engaged leads or paying customers.

To learn more about how your content management system is impacting your bottom line, reach out to the digital experts at The Rebel Unicorn today!


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