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Your Very Own Readership

Email is old. It’s also still the primary means of communication for businesses. Email marketing, an essential lead generation tool, moves the conversation about your business from your website to the consumers’ inbox.

With an average ROI of above 4,000%, it’s one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies in existence.

The Rebel Unicorn’s email marketing services allow companies to:

  • Employ talented writers with a proven record of developing readerships
  • Establish a powerful voice that attracts prolonged engagement
  • Increase brand and product recognition
  • Target new customers and established fans with links to your website

Email Marketing With Flawless Design, Testing, And Deployment

We know how to entice casual readers to click on your emails and become consumers. We know how to design newsletters so they reinforce your branding and create a cascade of engagement, from your blog and your product pages to your social media accounts.

Our medium testing guarantees that people can read and enjoy your emails using any and every device. We even test your campaigns in different mail readers and apps to certify that your emails appear as they are meant to for all recipients. We send our clients detailed reports after each deployment so you can measure engagement, reading who and from what company is opening your emails and which links they’re clicking.

If you are ready to transform ordinary, everyday messaging into targeted email marketing campaigns that deliver more clicks, leads, and revenue, contact The Rebel Unicorn today.


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