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You use a variety of techniques to generate web traffic. You publish content optimized for search engines, market your business on social media, and engage in pay-per-click advertising. But all the traffic in the world won’t pay the bills if the right percentage of those visitors don’t become paying customers.

This is the issue that landing page design is meant to resolve. It optimizes the pages on your website so that visitors who land there take the next step; whether that means making a purchase, providing their email address, or downloading your whitepaper.

The Rebel Unicorn is a pioneer in landing page design that consistently helps companies optimize their sales performance for different products and services to varying target markets.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Bounce: It’s what happens when someone visits your website and promptly “bounces,” AKA leaves. Your bounce rate is a measure of a web page not working, not doing what it’s designed to do.

Successful landing pages reduce bounce rate by immediately fulfilling a need or answering a question.

Usually used in conjunction with pay-per-click advertisements, landing pages provide information on the product/service the visitor expressed interest in by clicking on the ad. They always employ strong calls to action that tell the visitor exactly what step to take next. And of course, they are designed with a flawless user experience that facilitates conversion.

Whether you need guidance on how to optimize your landing pages for conversion or need landing page design as part of a larger lead generation strategy, The Rebel Unicorn can help. Like all of our services, ROI is baked into the equation.

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