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Marketing With Laser Focus

You’ve just launched an exciting new product and/or started offering an innovative new service. The cost outlay, the manhours, and the headaches are all behind you. Now all you need is to capture the attention of consumers so you can start making some of that money back.

How do you fully describe your product or service—how it works, what its benefits are, how much it costs, which experts endorse it—without drowning your audience in information? How do you put it on your website without having visitors distracted by everything else already on your site?

You create a marvelous microsite.

Best Marketing Tool You’ve Never Heard Of

A microsite is a small website—usually consisting of only a few pages—that allows you to market just one product or service with laser-focus. It’s uncluttered. The information is clear. The path to conversion unmistakeable: a four-lane highway.  

Your primary website helps people find what they want. Your microsite helps you to close the deal.

Microsites allow you to experiment with marketing techniques without affecting the design or performance of your primary domain. You can create a targeted microsite, send traffic to it from an advertising network such as Google AdSense, and track the results. If a campaign has a strong response, you can use the same techniques on your primary website for other products and services.

Microsite design will also enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) of your business’ primary domain. Microsites provide highly specific information, which means they are exceptionally good at attracting inbound links. We will link your microsite to your primary website, which will give your primary domain a boost. As we create more microsites, your domain strength will continue to progress.

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