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Your Mobile Sales Vehicle

The majority of web traffic has moved to smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps have become consumers’ preferred method to interact with a business. They’re no longer a luxury reserved for industry-leading companies. They’re a necessity.

The good news? With The Rebel Unicorn, world-class mobile app design (and the massive increase in engagement and sales that come with it) is within reach.

Next Generation Mobile App Design

We design award-winning mobile apps that become the primary sales vehicles for our clients. Like all of our creative design services, mobile app design is offered as a standalone item or as part of a larger digital marketing effort.

A mobile app will open your company to entirely new marketing avenues. Communicate with customers seamlessly via push notifications. Post Podcasts or webinars. Offer discounts and rewards. Sell your products easier than ever before. All you need is an infrastructure to support your efforts.


Here’s how it works

Our mobile app design team will walk you through the process. We’ll be by your side from the initial design and testing to rollout and promotion.

We will analyze your current sales process and determine a mobile app that can be integrated into it and improve it. If your company already has a mobile app that isn’t meeting its goals, our analysis will uncover the reason why. To promote your app and separate it from the hundreds of new apps that appear on the App Store and Google Play, we will promote your app via:

  • Paid advertisements on search engines, social media, and industry websites
  • Placement on mobile app review websites
  • Paid placement within Google Play and the App Store
  • A systematic process encouraging customers to review the app

We happily maintain and enhance the features and security of your mobile app as an ongoing service, making updates whenever necessary. Or, if you’d rather have your in-house developers handle mobile app maintenance, we can include detailed documentation with the app to make the job easier.

Have questions only an app expert can answer, or want to get the ball rolling on your app? Our mobile app design ninjas are ready to help.


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