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Companies today are more connected to consumers than ever before. There’s social media, business reviews, customer reviews, blogs, and local and national news. Your digital footprint can go from a millimeter to a mile in an instant. If your newfound fame is planned, part of a company outreach or PR campaign, great. If it’s the result of a PR fiasco, not so great.

Whether the scrutiny is deserved or not, matters little. Perception is reality.

Whether you’re facing false news stories by former employees or customers, or reputational attacks by competitors, The Rebel Unicorn’s reputation management consultants can help you do the impossible: Control your online narrative with discretion and precision.

Our Reputation Management Formula

Integrated search engine optimization

Every facet of your online presence should be properly optimized and integrated. We examine and enhance the SEO of your websites, blogs, and other digital channels.

Ongoing improvement & expansion of your digital footprint

The Rebel Unicorn’s expert digital copywriters carefully craft and publish content on your behalf, on an ongoing basis. This newly optimized digital presence will expand your reach into new markets and guarantee competitive positioning, even in times of uncertainty.

Proactive digital influence to combat unfavorable content

We develop customized, proactive strategies to shield your company from unfavorable or unfair content. Whether the risk comes from poorly sourced stories or malicious attacks from competitors, our experts will build protections against potential reputational harm.

Long-term, sustainable reputation protection

Our reputation management connoisseurs also develop protective strategies for your business. We leverage SEO, Google’s opportunities for branded content, and other digital tools at our disposal to make sure that your reputation is now, and will continue to be, invulnerable.

Whether you have an immediate issue that needs to be resolved or want to learn about reputation management for future use, reach out to The Rebel Unicorn today.


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