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Smart Design Guides Action

Your website does a great deal. It attracts traffic from search engines. It’s a landing place for traffic from your lead generation campaigns. It’s where the rubber meets the road.  But if it has a poorly designed user experience, the last and most important step—converting a lead into a customer—won’t happen.

Your website should function like a rockstar customer service representative, answering questions, guiding users to the most pertinent information, and removing all obstacles to a purchase.

An intelligently designed user experience means visitors stay on your website longer. Longer visits always result in more lead form submissions and higher conversion rates.

Common website design elements can detract from the user experience, including:

  • An overly complicated checkout process
  • Confusing navigation system
  • Lack of mobile device support
  • Poor typography or color choices
  • Intrusive pop-up messages
  • Poor loading speed

By making your website easy and entertaining, you’ll increase your conversion rates and generate intense brand loyalty.

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It’s time to start making your website work even harder for you. Our User Experience (UX) Report will analyze your website’s strengths and weaknesses and give you a detailed look at what your website looks like from a customer’s point of view. Click here to request yours today!


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