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The Shops at Columbus Circle is a luxurious social destination for New Yorkers and tourists looking to shop, dine, exercise, or catch a movie. Located at Time Warner Center in the heart of Manhattan, they attract over 16 million visitors each year.

The Challenge

The Shops at Columbus Circle needed help kick-starting their social media profiles—creating witty and engaging content, getting followers, and developing a closer relationship with their guests. Social media was mission critical if they were going to stay relevant and compete with their peers in the New York City area.

They turned to The Rebel Unicorn’s team of social media experts who immediately got to work designing and implementing a social media campaign that would resonate with millennial shoppers and experience seekers.




The Solution


The Rebel Unicorn set up a number of chatbots, a form of artificial intelligence which could simulate human textual conversation, to improve The Shops at Columbus Circle’s customer service, as well as increase followers and engagement.

Content Creation

We brainstormed and created eye-catching social posts that would capture the interest of visitors and attract followers. Then there was a bit of serendipity: Instagram’s new app, Instagram TV, launched and The Rebel Unicorn quickly seized the opportunity to make The Shops at Columbus Circle one of the platform’s early adopters.

In collaboration with the team at The Shops at Columbus Circle, we studied and mastered the new platform and quickly started adding creative content to it.

Hyper-Precise Targeting / Social Listening

To further boost engagement, we analyzed The Shops at Columbus Circle’s followers, studying their interests and behavior. We employed A/B testing to refine our messaging and tailored the content to different consumer segments.

These steps quickly resulted in many, many more likes on their posts and an increase in the number of followers. Most importantly, they were also the driving force for several sold-out events hosted by The Shops at Columbus Circle.

The Results

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