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Social media marketing is a critical tool in your digital marketing tool belt. As the ability to have organic reach decreases, digital marketers must now be extremely savvy. The Rebel Unicorn utilizes various digital content marketing tools and strategies to beat the competition. Here are a few of the top social media tools and trends.


Social Media Content

Social media is essentially content marketing. You need consistency, theme, sharp copy, and eye-catching creative content to beat the algorithm. It is critical to understand and utilize all of the features available to you. Geotagging, hashtagging, creating punchy stories, and live streaming should all be used as complementary elements of a holistic, broad strategy.


Stories and Live Stream Are the Future

Stories and live streaming video both exploded in popularity in 2017. Companies can create stories and live stream videos to provide timely content that engages audiences and has the potential to convert leads. Instagram and Facebook began utilizing these features to compete with Snapchat, and the competition has certainly heated up. Now you can integrate your video content across all major social media channels.


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most cost-effective forms of digital advertising at the moment. In addition to costing far less than other options, Facebook ads allow you to harness the power of:

  • Video content. Facebook’s algorithm favors videos. Keep that in mind as you develop your social media content strategy.
  • Custom audience targeting
  • Remarketing to targets that have previously engaged with your content


Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media and email marketing are a natural marriage and a winning combination. You can leverage one to benefit the other. Here are a couple of tactics you can employ:


  • Expand your social media reach and discover new followers by uploading your email marketing audience list to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Use social media platforms to test various content ideas. Put the winning ideas to use in your email marketing strategy. LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager tool is particularly useful for A/B testing.

Case Study: The Shops at Columbus Circle

The Shops at Columbus Circle hired The Rebel Unicorn to create and implement a buttoned-up social media strategy. The Rebel Unicorn’s experts delivered on their promise to elevate the Shops’ presence online and enhance their digital footprint. The Shops at Columbus Circle saw an enormous increase in their social media following which generated a record-breaking amount of leads for them. The results were off the charts. See our website for more examples.



The Rebel Unicorn is a leading digital marketing agency with B2B lead generation strategies that deliver results. Providing a steady supply of fresh, qualified leads is what we do best. It’s our bread and butter. For more information on how our digital and social media services can create new leads for you, visit our homepage.